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Since its founding, principles and taking into account the need to help the Colombian industry supply operations, Total Logistics was set up under a scheme of Commitment, Safety and Accountability to cover a market of more than 300 companies and some direct 8000 more indirect, making the use of this figure customs and transportation, a tool for value creation and competitiveness.




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 It is the ability to have the members of Total Logistics to fulfill a conscious and intentional with our tasks within established timeframes and to a high standard of quality and safety in the work done. By committing to acquire Total Logistics obligation to be professional in the development of logistics in foreign trade.




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In Total Logistics recognize our employees, customers and suppliers as valuable human beings and thereby accept, appreciate and value their qualities and their rights.




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3.CONFIANZA (teamwork)

People who are part of Total Logistics believe that our colleagues, customers and suppliers provide all their professionalism in the performance of its duties. Trust is the core of teamwork in our Company.


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We are individuals with character, order and efficiency, with the ability to prioritize and execute within the parameters established for the fulfillment of the objectives of our Company.



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We serve our internal and external customers with kindness, understanding and care focused on what they want, need and expect from us, taking the lead in developing actions to meet and exceed your expectations of time, quality and service.

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