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Total Logistics SAS, its structure connects supply foreign goods, through OTM multimodal transport operation and from major Colombian ports. Based on our principles of trust, commitment and security, we compete under the strictest standards of quality and accountability to all stakeholders of the logistics chain in Colombia.
With resolution 015-03 on March 2, 2010, the Ministry of Transport once again habilito Total Logistics SAS As a multimodal transport service and customs transit. By submitting a DTM, this figure can carry goods from seaports to inland Colombians bringing multiple benefits in the overall supply chain.

Major Public Benefits:

- Increased efficiency and availability of storage areas in puertosl.
- Lower costs for control of goods in terms of safety.
- Greater effectiveness and control of tax collection.

Key Benefits for the user:

- Decreased time and costs in port operations
- Increased safety for the load in terms of looting or theft
- Allows the suspension of customs duties for both general cargo loading project, or capital goods used in zones, UAPs, Altex, Operations Plan under special plans Vallejo located within the country.
- Figure Customs generating competitive opportunities in terms of import costs.

Our Services:

- FCL - Full Container: Loose cargo and containers full quota.
- Loose Cargo Expreso: point to point transport vehicle cargo express.
- Consolidated Loose Cargo: point to point transport cargo vehicle load consolidate with another customer.
- Air OTM.
- Special Projects: Matching your needs logistics after verification of load conditions.
- Load extradimensionada and extrapesada: Transport of these charges in compliance with the existing regulations.
- Goods transported by their own means.

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