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Ground Transportation


We offer Freight Trucking city and national level, and from major Colombian ports, driving effectiveness and safety and quality standards under strict monitoring procedures, providing accurate information, at the right time and meeting the needs and commitments our customers.
Our human resources and our ongoing assessment and evaluation in the design process, we allow an interaction of all involved in the supply chain and reliable under absolute collaboration to benefit our customers.

Our Services:
- Freight Transportation: Transportation of all cargo in the vehicle full quota.
- Ground transportation nationwide: Freight occupying part of the quota of the vehicle.
- Freight in Import and Export: Freight in transit.
- Freight transportation of dangerous goods and industrial raw materials. Freight regulated by Decree 1609.
- Transportation of containerized cargo to and from the various ports.
- Extradimensionadas portering and Extrapesadas Loose cargo projects: Transport on special teams regulated by Decree 4959.
- National distribution in vehicles full quota
- Urban Transport.
- Transportation between cities full quota.
- Container transport between cities.


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